2022-23 Federal Budget
Once again there is relief for an economy still in recovery mode from a global pandemic with increased support for small businesses and tax reliefs for some. The cost of COVID-19 testing requirements will also be alleviated along with a few measures impacting superannuation, social security and retirement. One-off cost of living tax offset Available...
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Making Downsizer Contributions into Super-sfadvisory
A new proposal that was put forward in the 2021/22 Federal Budget to reduce the eligibility age for downsizer contributions from 65 to 60 will come into effect on 1st July 2022. We think this information is SUPER valuable especially to our clients aged 60 and over that are thinking about downsizing. This provides a...
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Planning For Your Retirement
With life expectancy rates surging over the years, retirement can last longer than one might expect. While this means that you can live up to an advanced age, it also indicates that you will require a better retirement fund for a secure future in your non-working years. When it comes to retirement planning, people often...
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Building your family future fund
Are you financially ready for your child’s education? Do you worry about how you are going to afford expenses if someone gets sick, or pay for family holidays or your child’s 21st/ first car/wedding? Actively planning for a secure financial future is one of the best things you can do for your family. Research conducted...
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estate and succession planning
Estate planning Current and future retirees in Australia hold a growing proportion of wealth, including personal and business assets. It is estimated that over the next 20 years, up to $3.5 trillion dollars will be transferred from Australians over the age of 60 to a variety of beneficiaries. It is therefore evident that a significant...
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Crypto-currencies Vs Shares
We have all heard of Bitcoin by now, and with Shiba Inu coin (SHIB) currently in the spotlight with its stock rising 23.83% on 27th October we thought we would discuss the tax implications that go hand in hand with these substantial gains (and losses) for investors over short periods of time. When breaking down...
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Life Insurance Policy
With COVID 19 pandemic taking billions of lives and disrupting business activities across the planet, people have realised the importance of securing the financial future of their loved ones. This paradigm shift has moved life insurance on the top of everyone’s to-do-list. A  life insurance cover cannot prevent an unfortunate accident or pandemic – but...
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Understanding and Diversifying your Investments
In the world of hobby investors and crypto-currencies, it’s easy to be left wondering if you should be jumping on these bandwagons or staying as far away as possible! Investment fads over the years have come and gone, making fortunes for a few but major losses for the rest. Tried and tested rules of investing,...
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financial implications
Firstly, this newsletter is to check in on all how all my clients are coping, especially those located in Victoria. A 6th lockdown brings with it frustration, anger, despair, and impatience. We are asking ourselves when will these restrictions ease and when will we stop going in and out of these lockdowns? Although we don’t...
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Superannuation Myths Can Impact Your Retirement Savings
With an approximate $2.8 trillion dollars, Australia’s superannuation retirement saving pool is getting enormous. Considered as a model for other countries, Australia’s superannuation is hailed as one of the most systematic and efficient retirement schemes. But, when some new concept becomes popular and big, it often gets shrouded by apprehensions, doubts and negative publicity. This...
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