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Retirement Planning

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In Australia, early retirement from full-time employment has become a growing trend. There is also the increase in the average life expectancy due to healthier and more active lifestyles throughout the population, therefore, merely your employer’s superannuation contributions may not be sufficient in funding your desired retirement lifestyle.

At SMART Financial Advisory we believe it is crucial that your retirement planning funds are benefitting you at every phase of your life. For our clients between the age of 55 and 65, we believe that it is crucial that you have an effective monetary plan to support you during retirement.

Whether you are a long way off retirement, transitioning into retirement or already retired, our financial advisers aim to complete a review of your financial position to identify how you can secure your income during retirement. Our team will keep you aware of market conditions and legislative changes to be able to continually advise of potential investment strategies and opportunities.

Retirement planning options that we provide to our clients include:

  • Transition to Retirement (TTR)
  • Allocated Pension
  • Life Time Pension
  • Annuity

Life is a great adventure, and our retirement planning advisors want to be there to help you make smart financial decisions toward your retirement. Let’s start your retirement planning with us today.

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