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Family Wealth Protection Planning

Family Wealth Protection Planning

Act in Your Best Interest with Family Wealth Protection Planning

Ever imagined what would happen to your family after you leave this world or what would happen to you and your family if the business suddenly collapses? What would happen to your family assets or who will pay the bills, rent, school bills and child care costs? Today everyone is so interested in earning more and more that they forget that the biggest asset is their own life and their family. It is, therefore, crucial to seek correct advice for family wealth protection planning in Melbourne, so your family and you stay protected even when something unfortunate happens. We provide a wide range of services that assist in protecting family wealth.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs)

Today, financial technology is advancing and many Australians are establishing an SMSF to manage the investment of their retirement funds. SMSF is not just popular for investment properties but allows a greater range of other investment options with responsive turnaround time. Though SMSFs are relatively quick and easy to establish, it is essential to understand the ongoing requirements of the funds. Our advisors, at SF Advisory, would assist in properly planning and administering your SMSF.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not about who gets what. It’s much more than wills. At SF Advisory, we respect your wishes and therefore provide you with the best financial advice relating to your estate and family money. 

Buy/Sell Agreements

One of the forgotten or overlooked part of estate planning is the business partner relationship. It is assumed that this would be dealt with by your will but that is not the case. Have you wondered what would happen to your family, your employees and your business relationships if something happened to you? Though this is often linked to insurance, a buy/sell agreement is always needed. It would mention the harmonious way in which the surviving partners are required to buy out the other partner’s interest in the occasion of bankruptcy, long term disability, retirement and even death.

Philanthropic management

Our advisors understand that philanthropy is an integral part of a financial plan. You can leave a legacy behind for your family and the community all while obtaining tax advantages. We, therefore, provide you with the best and the correct guidance when it comes to family wealth protection planning in Melbourne.

Succession Planning

Transition or succession is not just transferring wealth or family business from one generation to other. Every generation has different aspirations and wishes and succession means transferring all that along with the money and family businesses. We understand all your wishes. We listen to them and then provide honest advice relating to the succession of family wealth.


We deliver true results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical actions tailored to our clients' unique reality. We engage all levels of an organization from day one.

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John Farrell

I have entrusted my retirement strategies with Smart Financial Advisory Pty Ltd (Pallavi Mahajan) since leaving the workforce in December 2015.

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Ken Smart

Very friendly adviser who knows her stuff. We've been very happy with how our finances have been setup.

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Ross Peters

I would like to thank Pallavi Mahajan and her associates for all their help setting up my transition to retirement they did a fantastic job with minimum fuss...

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Hilary Taylor

As a professional Tax Consultant, over the years I have dealt with a number of Financial Planners and referred many of my clients. Although they were happy what..

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Dancy He

I have known Pallavi for 2 years now and we have been working together so well.I am absolutely impressed with her service in the financial planning area – what..

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Jim Coull

I was referred to Smart Financial and am a current client. The professionalism & knowledge of the team led by Pallavi has seen my financial position tailored – what..

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