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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Advisor

Our estate planning advisors, in consultation with our professional partners, are able to provide comprehensive estate planning strategies for individuals, families, and businesses. We, as an estate planning advisor, endeavour to deliver an effortless distribution of our client’s inheritance and provide security for their assets in the future.

As everyone’s situation is different, we will spend time with our clients to ensure that they have:

  • Nomination of a guardian for minors.
  • Provision for family members with special needs.
  • Provision for loved ones who are unable to manage their own funds or for the future protection caused by unplanned events.
  • Minimisation of taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees.
Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

An EPA is a highly valuable document that allows personal and business matters to be carried out on a client’s behalf if they are unable to make such decisions themselves. It provides a client peace of mind and confidence that important matters are handled by an entrusted appointed individual. Contact us today and let’s start your Estate planning with the help of our experienced estate planning advisors!

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