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Business Protection Planning

Business Protection Planning
Trust the Best for Correct Business Protection Planning

Today’s businesses in Melbourne are facing umpteen number of challenges. At Smart Financial Advisory, we assist businesses no matter they are small, medium or large to meet all challenges and thrive strong financially. We understand that you have given your blood, sweat and tears to get your business where it is today. We know you have fought tooth and nail to make your business reach where it is now. We offer financial advice for all businesses including business protection planning in Melbourne.

Our business protection planning services include:

Key Position Protection

Every business has few positions that are needed for the business to survive. It can be a sales position, a skilled worker, a designer or anyone else. At SF Advisory, we assist you in financial planning if any given days, the persons holding these positions leave due to health or any other reasons, there is no big loss to the revenue and the business can still keep running smoothly till you find a replacement.

Shareholder Protection

Shareholders are an integral part of any business. If there are any consequences of the death or disablement of any shareholder, it can affect other shareholders in the way of severely disturbing the functioning of the business. It is, therefore, important to form an agreement to stipulate various points like under what circumstances, prices and conditions that the shareholding should be transferred.

Business Property Protection

Business owners can purchase property with their superannuation funds. The superannuation legislation allows you to pay your company rent with your own superannuation fund. This would be proven tax-effective. Our advisors would assist you and provide you with the correct advice and guidance about property value growth and capital gains tax.

Asset Protection

Our advisors will focus on identifying and addressing risks that your business assets may face. Our asset protection strategies will assist you to handle your business relationships, insurances and liabilities.

Consulting Advice

We understand that every business needs guidance and finance advice from time to time and we are just there to provide you with that. We will patiently hear all your issues and provide you with the best financial guidance.

Our advisors will work closely to develop financial plans for your business that would include develop various asset protection strategies, shareholder agreement and everything that would make your business strong and growing. Connect with us now for the best business protection planning in Melbourne.

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