Most of us are probably still taking stock of 2019 and reviewing how well their investments performed in last year. Another new year has begun.

With the US-China trade war, Brexit Mess and Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cutting the rates to a record low of 0.75%, had left 2019 a year full of uncertainties. It is particularly during such volatile and uncertain market conditions, have most investors realized the value of a financial expert’s guidance.

The role of a financial adviser is much broader than just helping you make investment decisions. The financial advisers help present tangible and feasible strategies to strengthen your financial position and enhance your unique value proposition.

Whether you consider yourself a savvy do-it-yourselfer or you’re new to investing, the right kind of independent financial advisor can offer expert advice to help you avoid common and costly mistakes.

Here are the top 7 reasons for hiring a financial adviser VS. going it alone (some may surprise you):

1. Access

Properly trained and licensed financial pros can offer investment accounts and strategies that are not available to you as an individual investor. This access can potentially help you gain better diversification and a more comfortable ride in the markets. It pays to know people who know people!

2. Accountability

An expert advisor is like having a physical trainer for your finances, they will help you stay accountable for a savings and investing plan and keep you focused on your aspirations. Time to get fiscally fit!

3. Quarterback

The biggest problem DIY investors face is money falling through the cracks because there’s no coordination between the estate, tax, and financial planning areas of their life. It’s no different than working with a team of doctors to help diagnose and treat a serious illness, if everyone isn’t on the same page then your health may suffer. Without a financial quarterback calling the right plays the team is bound to lose and your financial health may suffer.

4. Transition

When wealth passes from mom and dad to the kids it’s not uncommon for costly mistakes to be made through unnecessary penalties or taxes. A specialized financial advisor is better equipped than any other professional to navigate all the choices the kids have to make and to carry out mom and dad’s wishes. The value of the financial plans laid out by the advisor (and mom & dad) truly shine when wealth passes from one generation to the next.

5. Sounding Board

The investment opportunity of a lifetime comes around about once every week and an experienced financial expert can be a realistic sounding board to help provide you with a litmus test for the next shiny idea. Life can always use a little perspective, investing is no different.

6. Freedom

Very few wise people want to trade their time with family, friends, and hobbies to stare at a computer screen to pick and manage their investments. Hiring an advisor, like hiring a doctor, saves you time and money in the long run. A financial advisor can’t save your life, but he or she may be able to save your financial life and marriage by giving you the freedom to focus on what’s really important in your life.

7. Cashflow

Accumulating money for retirement and then de-accumulating in retirement involves drastically different areas of expertise. While it may not take an investing genius to save money for retirement, it will take an experienced money pro to help you build a retirement income plan that you won’t outlive.

This switch from growth to income investing is necessary when you’re 5 years out from retirement or already in retirement. Your ordinary “jack of all trades” advisor won’t do here, you’ll need to hire someone that truly specializes in designing custom retirement income plans for people ages 50 plus.

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