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SMART Financial Advisory also outwardly exists as part of the wider community and we believe it is important to return the comfortability and love we hold. Somebody’s Child is an innovative charity provides safe temporary shelter to thousands of Australians who have found themselves in daunting homeless situations. We aim to raise enough funds to purchase sites and put up buildings. The use of these buildings will be to house people who are temporarily displaced and need a place to stay.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Thank you so much Pallavi and Erika for your work in these difficult times! Much appreciated.

    Samuel Beckham
  • Amazing service from very light people with positive attitude

    Natasha Marchev
  • Plalavi is very approachable and understanding and very thorough in her work.

    I was very impressed with her professionalism and her handling of my situation. Especially now in this current financial crisis, Pallavi has been very quick to monitor and stay on top of the situation for her clients.

    Well done and i have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use her professional services.

    Neil Raslan
  • I would like to extend my thanks for your professionalism in what must be an extremely difficult time for you at work. I have noted the change of my fund strategy to a conservative cash saver earlier this month. I am very happy with your decision to do this.

    Samuel Beckham
  • I have been a client Smart Financial Advisory for 16 months now and am pleased to recommend their services. In just a short time the investments they suggested to me have returned a very good result. I also like the way they keep me fully informed, any emails or telephone calls are always promptly attended to

    Thomas and Judith Carroll
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