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Financial Advisor in Moorabbin

SMART Financial Advisory is unparalleled when it comes to its certified financial planners and advisors in Victoria. They go beyond their defined responsibilities to help you better off. For this they provide services such as:

  • A team of certified financial planners
  • Tailor-made financial planning
  • Analysis of your financial situations
  • Devised strategies in line with your goals
  • Long term relationship with clients
  • Associate with myriad of financial firms and organizations

Unlike other financial advisors near you, their services are amongst the best in Australia.

Looking for a Certified Financial Planner in Moorabbin?

When it comes to Aboriginal words, “Moorabbin” means “resting place”. Keeping in line with this, the main source of income is from agriculture, forestry and fishery.

SMART Financial Advisory knows the tax concessions, offsets and deductions, defined by the Department of Agriculture that relate to this industry. They also recognize ATO’s rules and regulations related to tax averaging for Primary Producer Program.

They understand that the agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry are highly seasonal in nature and help you utilize your finances and save them accordingly.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Financial Advisor Near You

A financial advisor should reduce burden off their clients wisely. He should only advise after fully analyzing the client’s situation and also know how to devise optimal strategies. Besides, he should be able to help increase savings in a long run and prepare for retirement.

SMART Financial Advisory does all of these and more. Through our Estate Planning services, we can help you select a nominee, make provisions for family members with special needs or don’t have a source of income. We also ensure that your estate is distributed with minimal court fees and taxes. We can also help you prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney.

Let us help you maximize your gains and be life confident. Give us a call today.

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