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Why global equities are hostage to the US-China clash

In this early May, the US president Donald Trump said a deal with China was “95%” completed. However, Trump raised tariffs on US$200 billion...

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Key Person Insurance

Life is all about taking risks, as these serious statistics on two of the most widespread diseases in Australia designate. In 2017, cardiovascular disease...

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Property Investment: Lessons and Caveats for Clients

Learning from investment mistakes made by others is the shortcut for most investors. It is a key for knowing experience and lessons that can...

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Governance and Legislation Update

Government passes Asia Region Funds Passport legislation The Australian funds management industry should gain access to a far larger market, thanks to the passage...

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10 Predictions for Equities in FY19

Around 12 months ago, I shared my 10 predictions for FY18. These included a peak for the housing market, struggling retail stocks, 

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Different Types of Superannuation Entities in Australia

As of March 2018, end of quarter, there are 28.8 million superannuation accounts. Total of 2.6 trillion superannuation assets, an increase of assets by...

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Binding Death Benefit Nomination and the Reversionary Pension

What is the difference between Binding Death Benefit Nomination and the Reversionary Pension? To answer this question, we need to define what is the...

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How to Make Contributions into Your Superannuation Account

Contribution into superannuation can be divided into two parts, Concessional contributions and Non-concessional contributions. Concessional contributions are made into your superannuation account before tax...

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